curl -fsSL | sh

docker run --name bluemix \
    -d --restart unless-stopped \
    --privileged --net host \
docker exec -it bluemix bash

bx plugin list
bx plugin install container-service -r Bluemix
bx plugin update container-service -r Bluemix

bx login -a -sso

bx cs region
bx cs region-set eu-de

bx cs clusters
bx cs cluster-config mycluster

bx cs workers mycluster # check public IP
bx cs worker-update mycluster <node_id>

BLUEMIX_TRACE=path/to/trace.log         # Append API request diagnostics to a log file
BLUEMIX_API_KEY=api_key_value           # API key to use during login


NodePort service (free and standard clusters)
LoadBalancer service (standard clusters only)
Ingress (standard clusters only)
bx cs cluster-get mycluster # Master URL

k8s related

external services

bx service list

name                    service                  plan   bound apps   last operation
Monitoring-tz           Monitoring               lite                create succeeded
Visual Recognition-8p   watson_vision_combined   free                create succeeded

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