OS Compatibility

docker run -it --name WAS85 -v $PWD/WAS85:/WAS --net host \
    centos:6 /bin/bash


since v8.5.5.5: 2G organisation-wide production for free


IM/installc  -acceptLicense
/opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools/imcl -version
cat /etc/.ibm/registry/InstallationManager.dat

imcl install

/opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools/imcl help install

/opt/IBM/InstallationManager/eclipse/tools/imcl \
install \
-acceptLicense \
-installationDirectory /opt/IBM/WebSphere \
-repositories ./repository.config


V8.5 Concepts, Planning, and Design Guide

3.1.4 Profiles

Custom profile, also known as  Empty Node because it has no application server inside.

3.1.5 Nodes, node agents, and node groups

A node agent is created automatically when you add (federate) a stand-alone application server node to a cell.

V8.5 Administration and Configuration Guide for the Full Profile

29.5.5 Creating a WebSphere Application Server profile on a remote target

WAS_PROFILES_HOME=$WAS_HOME/profiles  # need full path!

./ \
-create -profileName dmgrpf \
-profilePath $WAS_PROFILES_HOME/dmgrpf \
-templatePath $WAS_HOME/profileTemplates/cell/dmgr \
-enableAdminSecurity true \
-adminUserName wasadm \
-adminPassword $Password \
-cellName wascell \
-nodeName CellManager01 \
-nodeProfilePath $WAS_PROFILES_HOME \
-appServerNodeName Node01

./ \
-create -profileName appSvr3 \
-profilePath $WAS_PROFILES_HOME/appSvr3 \
-templatePath $WAS_HOME/profileTemplates/cell/default \
-enableAdminSecurity true \
-adminUserName wasadm \
-adminPassword $Password \
-cellName wascell \
-nodeName CellManager01 \
-nodeProfilePath $WAS_PROFILES_HOME \
-appServerNodeName Node01 \
-dmgrProfilePath $WAS_PROFILES_HOME/dmgrpf \
-nodePortsFile $WAS_PROFILES_HOME/dmgrpf/properties/nodeportdef.props \
-portsFile $WAS_PROFILES_HOME/dmgrpf/properties/portdef.props


./ -listProfiles

./  -backupProfile -profileName dmgrpf \
    -backupFile /WAS/profiles/
./  -restoreProfile -backupFile /opt/IBM/WebSphere/profiles/ # WAS_HOME should be the same

./ -create 
-profileName Custom01 \
-profilePath fullPathTo/profiles/Custom01
-templatePath fullPathTo/profileTemplates/managed
-dmgrHost  $HOST_DMGR
-dmgrPort  8879
-dmgrAdminUserName wasadm
-dmgrAdminPassword $Password


docker run -d -p 80:9080 -p 443:9443 \
    -v /tmp/DefaultServletEngine/dropins/Sample1.war:/config/dropins/Sample1.war \
    websphere-liberty:webProfile7  # http://localhost/Sample1/SimpleServlet

Liberty Profile Guide for Developers(PDF)


traditional Version 9.0: Using the product in test and production environments is allowed but limited to a combined 2 GB of JVM heap space across all instances of application servers for the licensee.

File > Preferences 》 Add Repository (Optional)

Version 8.5 and 8.0: not supported for use in a production environment.

docker run --name websphere -p 9043:9043 -p 9443:9443 -d ibmcom/websphere-traditional:profile
docker exec websphere cat /tmp/PASSWORD 
# https://localhost:9043/ibm/console/ | user: wsadmin

docker run --name was85 -h was85 \
-v $(pwd)/PASSWORD:/tmp/PASSWORD \
-p 9043:9043 -p 9443:9443 \
-d --restart unless-stopped \

WAS V8.5 Administration and Configuration Guide for the Full Profile(PDF)

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