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  • CN 220/380V 50Hz | UK 230V 50Hz | US 120/240V 60Hz

Power Connectors C13/C14 and C15/C16 connectors for up to 15 A[10] (IEC maximum is 10 A) C15/C16's temperature rating is 120 °C rather than the 70 °C of the similar C13/C14 combination. C19/C20 and C21/C22 connectors for up to 20 A[11] (IEC maximum is 16 A)


Residual Current Device

RCD - Residual Current Device 
RCCB - Residual Current Circuit Breaker 
RCBO - Residual Current circuit Breakers integral Over current protection 
ELCB - Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker 

RCD is the term that covers a family of devices.

RCCBs are RCDs without any overload protection.

RCBOs are RCDs with overcurrent protection included in the device.

CBRS are circuit breakers with residual current protection which may or may not be integral.

SRCDS are socket outlets with RCD protection.

PRCDS are RCDS built in to a plug.

MRCDS are independantly mounted devices that provide a signal to trip another device.

SRCBOS are sockets incorporating an RCD and overcurrent protection.

RCDs without overcurrent protection must be protected by a separate overcurrent device.


  • Online/double-conversion: the batteries are always connected to the inverter

  • Offline/standby:

  • Line-interactive: adjust if over/under normal voltage |

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